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This is another other Webonix web site by Andrew Mercer to share ColdFusion ideas and code to contribute to the Open Source Community.

2010 marks my 10th year of ColdFusion development. After doing the usually make it up as you go spaghetti coding that you learn at the school of hard knocks, I discovered a flegling framework called FuseBox. I really appreciated the structure it gave to my applications. It was shortly after that I found Farcry CMS. Even in the version 2 days, I was impressed with the way you could extend and customise the CMS and all tied together with a web-based administrator.

All applications, not just Open Source, there are bugs and features that are not there. As Farcry was free, and the companies that I worked for either made money, or at least saved money, I have made a concerted effort to give back to this project; bug fixes, contribute to the mail lists, beta testing and more recently plugins. I have decided to create a website to host these plugins and any tidbits I discover. And what better plateform to use that Farcry itself using the Nearcry plugin.

One of my (CFML) dreams is to have an end-to-end open source CMS. With the advent of Railo, my dream has come to fruition. This server is running Ubuntu with Railo on Tomcat connected to Apache with mySQL all powering Farcry.

Email: andrew AT webonix DOT net
Twitter: @webonix

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